Saturday, March 3, 2012

Soup for the chicken poxed soul !

I am down with chicken pox. It is quite common in my part of the world in this time of the year, this time when it is still cold, chilly in the mornings and after sunset, but warm during the day. I am generally cautious of communicable diseases, this one caught me off guard for the very fact that I had considered myself immune to it, coz I had had a vaccine taken two years ago. Speaks a lot about Indian medical system doesn't it? I am all red and polka dotted now I am on heavy medication right now and almost cut off from the rest of the world. My skin is recovering fast from the onslaught of fluid filled bubbles and the itch they have left behind. Neem (margosa) leaves are also said to contain the infection, kill the germs. I have them handy as well. I however, stick to my theory. You see, I devised a theory some time back that life in the grihastashrama has begun when things beyond your normal ability to cope with (good and bad mind you) come stare at you/come hit at you, right on the face, one every 2 months or so. 2 months for me, maybe less or more for others. On a positive note, I am getting a lot of sleep and rest and loving care and attention :). In my medical state of isolation, I miss the sensation of touch, touch in it's most simple sense, I do miss the sensation of being touched by another person. In other words, I need a proper hug. :) I have been reading a bit to pass time, to put it badly. I needed this very much, I have been too lazy to read, often too tired, too tied up, never out of excuses. I have a small but good collection of books, a 130 or so, according to my husbands count. I would have read about half of them or even fewer. In the last 6 days, I am proud I finished 4 more. On my way with the fifth. My speed of reading has decreased considerably, from my younger days, but the enthusiasm is still youthful. :) let me dedicate the next few posts to book reviews. Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my personal views and do not in any way intent to promote or demote any author or book in any way. It is just my way of seeing books for what is important to me as a reader. Nothing more, nothing less. I do hope this is taken in the right spirit and not as material for legal proceedings!

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