Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book review -1

The king's speech Reading speed: medium to slow Language: high The book was interestingly written after the release of the critically acclaimed movie by the same name based on materials that surfaced after the release. The story that the book presents has been beautifully woven around the screenplay of the movie itself, much like a supplement to it. A reader who has not seen the movie, will however, miss the intensity of the situation itself. The brilliance of acting in the movie would place it amongst the classics of all times. The book however takes a much softer stand, that at some point, it does seem as if it is intended to appease a particular section of readership. The language itself is beautiful, charming rather. It is overall, a good read. But I Would recommend the movie. But do read it for the language. The book : Buy/Buy if you have space on the shelf/Burn it : buy if you have space. Note: the phrase 'burn it' is inspired from a certain dialogue in the movie 'the book of Eli'. (I am sure the scene intended no offense to Dan Brown either)

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