Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Walks of life!

I guess I am not much of a Gym person. But I love walking. I used to run when I was younger. I could get into a rhythm and just keep running. I can't do that any more. Body has its own ways of reminding you of its age. So these days, I run a little, walk a little. 

I look forward to waking up in the morning and going for that long walk. I think about my day, plan it in parts. I think a lot in random chains of thought, some connected, some broken. I think about people, loved ones, friends, strangers, the people who litter, the people who speed, the people who walk their dogs, the children off to school, waiting for their busses, parents accompanying them to their stops, the heavy school bags, my parents, my dog..... 

Almost everyday, I see or observe something that makes me smile. And through the day, I keep thinking about that one thing, one scene, one fragrance, one song, and I find myself smiling again. If only I could capture the memories of there. 

Maybe its endorphins at work,  maybe it doesn't take much to make me smile :)....               

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